About me




Everything is handmade: design, pattern, cutting, and of course, sewing.

Each garment is unique.


Unique Designs

I find inspiration in Japanese culture and my favorite animes to make unique garments. Everything is designed by me, you won’t find them anywhere else!


Made to measure

Would you prefer the garment to be a different length or do you not fit in the size chart? Contact me and I’ll customize your order! All garments are customizable. I believe clothes should be comfortable and adaptable to everyone. Everything can be changed to fit you better.

Iria Lage Atelier

Iria Lage Atelier is a small business based in Madrid, Spain. It was born in 2020, as the result of seeing the growing interest in a more sustainable and less frenetic alternative to the current fashion industry situation.

There are no seasons, all garments are permanent, and are made to order. We do not work with stock, we make by hand each garment that you order. Therefore, there is the possibility of adapting the garments to each body and needs. We work with a size chart ranging from 6 to 26 (American size), but all garments can be made to measure, whether it is outside the charts or mix sizes.

In Iria Lage Atelier we believe that garments should adapt to people and not the other way around, and therefore we also accept small design changes. If you want to make any changes we will be happy to advise you and adapt the garments to you.

We believe in the importance of promoting local trade, and therefore the vast majority of materials and fabrics are purchased in Madrid, with some exceptions. We use quality fabrics, which, together with proper care, ensure the durability of the garments.

The designs you will find here have a huge influence on Japanese culture (traditional and modern), and a more cute touch with galactic aesthetics. You will also find some small collections dedicated to our favorite anime, which go beyond just printing a png on a t-shirt!

Finally, if you have an idea in mind, you can write us! We accept custom orders! <3

  • Pattern making undergrad in IEDMadrid. Top of the class.
  • Fashion Design Master in IEDMadrid.