Everything is handmade: design, pattern, cutting, and of course, sewing.

Each garment is unique.


Unique Designs

I find inspiration in Japanese culture and my favorite animes to make unique garments. Everything is designed by me, you won’t find them anywhere else!


Made to measure

Would you prefer the garment to be a different length or do you not fit in the size chart? Contact me and I’ll customize your order! All garments are customizable. I believe clothes should be comfortable and adaptable to everyone. Everything can be changed to fit you better.

You’ll find cute and dark garments, a lot of Japanese inspiration, and sparkly stuff. All the garments and accessories are 100% handmade: design, pattern, embroidery and sewing are my own work. Each garment is unique and it’s made with special care. You won’t find two exactly the same!

I’ll upload new designs regularly, but if you already have an idea and you don’t find it here… Contact me, I accept commissions!